NAMIC Products & Services


NAMIC is the largest property/casualty insurance trade association in the country, with more than 1,400 member companies serving over 170 million auto, home, and business policyholders. Its members account for 54% of the homeowners’ insurance market, 43% of the automobile market, and 32% of the business insurance market. For more than 120 years, they have been looking out for the best interests of mutual insurance companies, their executives, and policyholders.


NAMIC’S member companies come in all shapes and sizes. From large Property/Casualty (P/C) companies to small rural farm mutuals serving a geographical niche, the service lines and educational needs are just as varied, and the engine of change never stops running.

NAMIC knows that members face a changing industry, shifting regulations, and new responsibilities every day, so the staff works hard to create products and services especially designed to meet, and often ANTICIPATE, members’ needs. From online benchmarking tools to investment management resources, governance, and board member education, NAMIC is committed to being the place where the difference is in the experience.


To help promote NAMIC products and services to its members—many of which are included as membership benefits—we’ve focused on a marketing strategy that leverages peer-to-peer influence. By amplifying a few voices to draw new attention, we’ve been able to help create awareness and adoption in benchmarking services designed to help companies see how they measure up to one another in a variety of areas.

We’ve used real-time trends and cultural concerns, combined with wholly relevant products, to provide relief and resources for the CEOs relying on their boards in a changing industry.

And we’ve used traditional marketing to roll out new offerings to the members—all with the intent of helping companies grow and prosper. Leveraging the long-standing power of the NAMIC brand, we understand the importance of customizing the message to the unique audience it’s intended for.