Hall Render


Hall Render is one of the preeminent health care-focused law firms in the country. Its 200 attorneys provide legal counsel to hospitals and health care organizations on a range of issues, including health care reform, labor and employment, HIPAA, and information security. Over the past three years, Hall Render has grown from four offices in the Midwest to 12 offices across the country, serving health care organizations from coast to coast.

If we were building a case for the benefits of long-term client relationships, we’d have to call Hall Render as our star witness. Our work with the firm began in 2006 as a branding engagement and evolved into a full-service partner for marketing strategy and planning, public relations counsel, and media relations. Today, we keep office hours at their downtown Indianapolis office so we can work alongside them no matter what their needs are.


When Hall Render told us about their expansion plans in 2013, no one at Willow was surprised. Their commitment, for as long as we had known them, was to be accessible to their clients whenever and wherever they were needed. Earning their reputation as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced firms in the health care industry, growing their practice and expanding their influence were natural byproducts of that commitment. A successful expansion would make Hall Render’s comprehensive legal counsel locally accessible to existing and new clients on a national scale. The plan for entering new markets was pretty aggressive and would take an all-hands-on-deck approach. Naturally, our hands were all in.


To help Hall Render in its market expansion, we called on “all the things” in our full-service toolbox. New market research to provide guidance on where and how to focus their resources included identifying competitive firms, evaluating peer and trade organizations, media channels, publications, and event opportunities; identifying and cultivating appropriate media contacts in each new market; development of a new office launch plan that could be replicated in each market; internal and external communications plans for welcoming and announcing new attorneys; as well as ad creation and paid and earned media placement. All the while, we continued to collaborate with their marketing team on institutional marketing collateral, public relations and ultimately, a new website.