Goodwill Industries Foundation of Central Indiana, Inc.


It’s likely you’ve had some interaction with the Goodwill brand—whether you’ve picked up a Halloween costume at a retail store or dropped off that old couch taking up space in the basement. But you may not be aware of the amazing impact the Goodwill Industries Foundation has on stamping out poverty through job placement and other community services, programs, and resources.


Goodwill has a strong brand and great visibility to build from. They came to us when they needed a meaningful and more personal campaign to honor a beloved executive upon retirement from the organization. Their hope was to pay tribute to someone who had made a significant impact in the lives of the people they serve, while simultaneously raising awareness and funds that would support the Foundation’s continued growth.


Based on their goals, we planned a multi-pronged approach to the Foundation’s capital campaign, which would endow two scholarships in honor of the retired executive. We designed a brochure and microsite to educate the public on the McClelland Scholars program and then invited supporters to not only be a part of the impact, but to also use the microsite to leave a personal note of thanks for the departing CEO. A series of events and videos were strategically planned to support the campaign and continue educating the public. Goodwill Foundation continues to use these materials to help put their success story into words.