Driving Ambition


Driving Ambition is unique within its industry, in that it is much more than a temp agency for CDL drivers. Driving Ambition strives to connect its customers with safe, reliable and thoroughly vetted licensed drivers. Simultaneously, it also prides itself on offering drivers the benefits and community of a standard full-time job. With Driving Ambition, drivers aren’t filling gaps with temporary work or jumping stepping stones to something better—they are launching a steady, stable and interesting career.


Driving Ambition approached us when they wanted to shake off the perception of a temp-to-hire agency that funneled short-term drivers onto better opportunities. Rather, they wanted to be known as a company that offers drivers the opportunity to be home with their families every day, a team that feels like family, and a chance at a career that is varied and interesting. At the same time, they wanted to alleviate their customers’ concern about the safety and reliability of their drivers.


After conducting extensive research, we chose to take a life cycle approach to Driving Ambition’s key issues. The data showed that a restructuring was necessary, not just in messaging and creative, but in the way the company operates. We recommended a categorization system that prioritizes locations that need more attention, creating a strategy of branding and inbound marketing that would complement and bolster the company’s business strategy. We also designed a comprehensive digital strategy and took a fresh approach to the look and feel of their marketing materials with a newly designed logo and a bolder color palette that’s sure to catch attention.