COVID-19 Update

You’ve likely heard us talk about our three company values, the first being open. In response to the forecasted spread of COVID-19, and the projections of associated health risks, we’re staying open … from our homes. The Willow team has gone virtual. (At least for the time being.) We’re available by phone, text, video chat, email, and Zoom. In-person meetings will only be held when absolutely necessary for the health of all involved. Our working hours remain 8am to 5pm EDT.

Know where you stand.

Do we know everything there is to know about you, your business, and your audience? Nope. And if you’re 100% honest, neither do you — and that’s okay. It’s hard to read the label from inside the jar. It’s critically important to get outside the jar and understand how others perceive your organization and brand. That is why everything we do for a client starts with research. But we never end there. When done right, research excavates the next best step for your business.

Using a curated combination of methods to help gain an understanding of your audience, your competition, your opportunities, and your blind spots allows us to make the most accurate recommendations on how to tactically accomplish your goals. And we don’t just deliver the data — we mobilize it into actionable, impactful plans we can execute on your behalf.

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Research can be...

  • Communications Audit
  • Surveys
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Marketing Research
  • Creative Testing
  • Focus Groups
  • DiSC Behavior Assessments
  • Competitive Research
  • Desk Research
  • User Testing
  • Lapsed Member Surveys
  • Member Satisfaction Surveys
  • Loyalty and Engagement Surveys

Watch Willow dive head-first into research projects in this snapshot of our work with BCEN.

We'll uncover the data-driven solution you need.

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Research Resources

Brehob Corporation

Brehob is a great client to work with. The energy and passion they exude in their work is the same in every encounter and project we collaborate on. While we do work in entirely different fields, there’s a respect and appreciation in our diverse expertise.   Brehob Corporation is a recognized industry leader in the manufacture and distribution of Electric...

We’re helping associations tell their story, connect with their stakeholders and create a better member experience -- and our research is leading the way. Read more about our association attitudinal survey and our findings! See the Survey
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