Zeta Tau Alpha


Zeta Tau Alpha is an international women’s fraternity with 169 active collegiate chapters. In its 118-year history, Zeta has welcomed more than 245,000 young women as new members on college campuses.


For a new college student, every day holds a thousand new experiences. For many of the young women of Zeta Tau Alpha, it’s their first opportunity to be truly independent young adults. And while that’s exciting, it can also be stressful. Zeta wanted to help new sisters get acclimated to the fraternity while also navigating the craziness of college life. Zeta wanted a tool that would be both engaging and useful, which is exactly the way we like to design.


Willow has been working with the Greek community since our early days, so we know a little about the buzz of activities that come along with fraternity and sorority life. Working with the leadership of Zeta Tau Alpha, we designed a multi-functional New Member Workbook that serves as a year-long planner, notebook, and handy primer on all things Zeta. We incorporated Zeta’s color palette as a watermark, combined it with Zeta inspired custom illustrated quotes and branded design elements. And to mark special occasions in their new planners, we also included hand illustrated coordinating stickers.