Priority Physicians


Priority Physicians offers a new way of doing healthcare. Forget long waits and the doctor’s office and changing co-pays. Priority Physicians offers its members an exclusive concierge care experience, including unhurried, quality time with your doctor as you need it, plus round-the-clock access to your physician.


Priority Physicians markets to a higher income clientele that values time and individual attention over low cost. Convenience, however, is still an important factor, so avoiding long stretches in the waiting room or difficulty scheduling appointments is a must. In appealing to this audience, Priority’s brand had a high-end feel, but they also looked dark and heavy.


Our partnership with Priority gave us an opportunity to rethink and refresh their brand, while still maintaining the integrity of the luxury feel. We identified two key personas to target — busy moms and busy executives—and designed a campaign that spoke to the benefits they seek while remaining approachable. We then implemented the new brand look on their website, as well as a brochure targeting these key personas. In addition, we designed and implemented an ongoing digital strategy using Adwords and SEM to boost search rankings and reach more prospective clients. After seeing incredible success and opening a new office, Priority Physicians continues to look to us to challenge them and provide new ideas that will promote their unique services while staying true to their brand.