NAMIC Event Materials


At more than 1,400 members strong, NAMIC serves companies of all shapes and sizes—everyone from powerhouses like State Farm and USAA, to trusted hometown farm mutual companies. With a full toolkit of resources, products, and data for every type of property/casualty service line, NAMIC meets and exceeds its members’ needs—allowing them to provide exceptional service to policyholders.


In support of members, NAMIC offers a wide range of in-person and virtual education and networking events. Each event is designed around specific service lines, member segments, and/or roles.

When we partnered with NAMIC to help market these events, each one had its own look and feel, heavily themed around the where instead of the what. This hindered us from wholly differentiating events as NAMIC events (a meeting occurring in Arizona with a western theme looks the same regardless of its host), and the lack of consistency in the look and feel meant wasted time and money recreating ways to position similar benefits year over year.

NAMIC is a breakout leader in the event space and offers best-in-class education. So we knew that we needed to let the strength and stability of 120 years shine through. And we knew that we needed a cohesive look and feel to be able to scale and market efficiently.


Our first step was to take a more holistic approach to branding the events, with everything from pre-event promotion and program guides to wayfinding signage and special event materials. We gave the entire educational series an overarching look and feel, with customizable color palettes, logomarks (we call “bugs”) and style guides for each event. By developing an encompassing event strategy, rather than approaching each one as its own entity with its own identity, we’ve been able to create a more dynamic and more recognizable way to invite NAMIC members to connect with each other.

Furthermore, we’ve been able to begin promoting NAMIC events as a whole—through magazine placement, annual calendars, and on the website. Building a branded house for NAMIC events to live in has also given us the chance to market that house with more philosophical messaging that reminds NAMIC members that they are better together, and that’s the power of mutual.