Jarden Home Brands


Jarden, the makers of the Ball mason jars, has played a key role in keeping the art and craft of home canning alive from generation to generation (and keeping America’s pantries full of fresh-picked corn and homegrown pickles!) While most of us are more familiar with the infamous Ball mason jars as a favorite decorative prop, the clear jars with the threaded lid and seal are still best known as the gold standard for home-canning enthusiasts everywhere (most of whom would be lost without the good folks at Jarden).


Jarden Home Brand’s “Ball Blue Book® Guide to Preserving” has been known as the canner’s bible since 1909, earning a coveted place on the shelves of American kitchens for generations. We’ve collaborated with Jarden on the past six editions of the must-have recipe book for canning hobbyists and aficionados, but this one was the start of something more.

With a new generation of families enjoying the pleasures of home gardening, farmers markets, and farm-to-table dining, Jarden had an opportunity to teach a new generation the fine art of home canning. The challenge came in making sure that the 37th edition honored the traditional processes and craft of home canning while capturing the interest and imagination of a generation that’s been learning to prepare food from YouTube, Facebook, and HGTV.


Our designers wanted a visual theme that combined the simplicity that readers had come to expect with the gorgeous “looks so good I can taste it” imagery of today’s social media posts. We took inspiration from the same places the intended audience goes for inspiration—social media and DIY TV shows.

Collaborating with the team from Jarden, we filled the (now much larger) book with 75 new recipes, meal preparation tips, and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions that engage the reader with fresh variations on old favorites. All served with a generous helping of rich, colorful photography that makes your mouth water on every page.

It’s no wonder Jarden’s “Ball Blue Book®” remains a best-seller. Based on the book’s reviews, we’d say Jarden has a lot of happy canners.