Indiana Blood Center


The Indiana Blood Center is the source of life-changing blood supply for Indiana’s hospitals and medical facilities. On any given day, Indiana Blood Center holds an average of 25 blood drives to ensure that a continuous, safe, and adequate supply of blood is there when people need it. Each year, the blood center relies on the generosity of more than 100,000 individual donors who are willing to roll up their sleeves for a complete stranger, as well as corporate partners who provide funds, facilitate corporate blood drives, and recruit volunteers in support of Indiana Blood Center’s mission.


Supplying blood to an entire community is a continuous job. Every day, Indiana Blood Center enlists the help of 550 individual donors just to keep up with demand. It’s hard to predict what will inspire or motivate a donor to give blood on any given day. Even more difficult to move donors to give time and time again. But when you’re saving lives, it’s all hands (or arms) on deck. You need to know that you can count on getting the help you need every single day.


After seven years of helping Indiana Blood Center develop both individual and corporate donor campaigns, we had a pretty good idea of how to move people to donate blood occasionally. But the problem with occasionally is that it’s not predictable. In order to help the blood center anticipate how many regular donors to count on each month, we created the “I Pledge. I Commit.” program. Think of it as a loyalty program for people with really big hearts.

We knew the creative needed to go right for the heartstrings. Luckily for us, Indiana Blood Center had plenty of touching stories to tell. Campaign development included creative strategy, copywriting, graphic design, and video. We left no touchpoint unturned with this campaign and raised 171,000 sleeves as a result. It’s true: we’re bleeding hearts for a good cause.