Delta Tau Delta


Delta Tau Delta, or Delt, is a fraternity with a long history and an unshakeable reputation for its commitment to ethics and values. Delt is a philanthropic partner of JDRF, a global organization funding type 1 diabetes research. Delt also has high expectations for all of its members and encourages them to pursue challenging leadership opportunities.


Like so many other member-based organizations and Greek, in particular, Delt faced the struggle of engaging and connecting with members. In the case of Greek organizations, there’s a particular challenge in reaching a cross-section of new recruits, current members, and alumni, using a message that is tailored to each of their needs, but also consistent across the board.


In this case, the data wins again. Research gave us some key findings on the unique and diverse audiences that Delt was trying to reach, and we were able to make recommendations supported by the numbers to shift both verbal and visual messaging and branding. Ultimately, we realigned their communications and developed a segmented but consistent approach to reaching each audience. Eventually, a strong and universally appealing brand emerged and is currently being implemented by Delt across all its platforms.