College Mentors for Kids


When at-risk kids are engaged, involved, and exposed to the world of higher education, they are far more likely to graduate high school and pursue a college degree. That’s the theory that powers College Mentors for Kids, a non-profit organization that pairs underserved youth with college students who mentor, educate, and connect with them on a deeper level. Activities take place on college campuses, giving many of the participating children opportunities they would otherwise never have had to see what university life is really like, and where hard work and motivation can take them.


College Mentors for Kids is a relatively young organization, which means they aren’t always top-of-mind in areas where they don’t have a participating university chapter. They initially approached us to help with a fundraising video, but we quickly realized the organization’s biggest need was help in focusing on expansion and branding across multiple campuses and universities in different states.


With our expertise in Greek-letter organization expansion, we were able to nurture a partnership with CMFK and develop a brand to grow their reach by creating a suite of materials including brochures, proposals, flyers, and easily customizable websites for individual college campuses. We then worked to create a communications strategy and a capital campaign that would seamlessly integrate all of these elements into a unified voice for the organization.