Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership


The Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership is a brand new iteration of the former Southeastern Panhellenic Association. The Coalition is an organization devoted to promoting and advancing the cause of female leadership on college campuses across the nation and within the business world. With passion, courage and indomitable strength, the CCWL draws together and supports women leaders in a unified and meaningful coalition.


When we began our relationship, the CCWL (then SEPA) was in something of an identity crisis. Many members knew them only for their primary annual event, the Southeastern Panhellenic Conference, which limited the scope of what they could do to promote their cause. We needed to find a way to give the organization more visibility and name recognition, while empowering them to broaden their reach and unlock their potential for growth.


After extensive surveying of current members, we designed an inclusive, comprehensive and disruptive re-branding that would allow CCWL to shake off stereotypes and expand beyond their Greek roots, in order to serve more women with more relevant and meaningful resources. Through a comprehensive digital strategy including website redesign, branding video, information kit and email campaign, we are spreading the word that the CCWL is ready and available to go about the important work of nurturing and growing fearless female leaders.