Brehob is a name people recognize, both in our local community and in the industries the company serves. This manufacturer and distributor of electrical equipment, air compressors, cranes, and hoists is long on loyalty to its customers, and short on turnaround time, ensuring that any situation, no matter how dire, can be resolved as quickly and easily as possible.


When an expensive and vital piece of equipment malfunctions, you need a replacement, stat. Brehob excels in this area, striving to fill gaps and provide solutions that keep customers’ operations running smoothly. But when it comes to convenience, they wanted to provide another way for consumers to get what they need, fast and hassle-free. Additionally, while each of Brehob’s three divisions operate pretty seamlessly on their own, company leaders noticed a pretty wide gap existed between employees of each, and it needed to be bridged.


Just as Brehob has come to the rescue of so many of their clients, we were able to come to their aid and help launch an online store where customers can order everything from electrical parts and pieces for a quick fix, to entire air compressor systems and cabinets. We strengthened their sales efforts by developing a cohesive set of marketing tools from email signatures to a brand new capabilities brochure that—for the first time ever—combined each of their divisions into a single resource for the sales team and their customers alike. We also continue to evolve their ongoing digital strategy with SEO, Adwords, and SEM to effectively market their services and products, and reach new target audiences. We continue to work closely with Behob to translate marketing strategies into better business practices, acting as part marketing partner and part business consultant.