American Heart Association


The American Heart Association is one of the leading health organizations in the nation. Well-respected and packing some enormous brand recognition, the AHA leverages its name and visibility to raise money and awareness for heart health campaigns, research, and support.


While most people know the AHA supports research and medical care, many don’t know about the valuable professional resources they provide. With more than 17,000 attendees, the organization’s premier “Scientific Sessions” event is a pillar of education and training within the cardiac care arena. However, it became clear that many of the offered tracks weren’t getting the attention and attendance they deserved.


That’s when we stepped in to market the “Workplace Health” event in 2016. When it became apparent that this topic deserved its own campaign, we were able to jump in with agility and quick thinking to design a marketing plan that included email and a one-to-one calling campaign to reach a targeted and interested audience.