As a management consulting firm and a leading licensee for the hugely popular Predictive Index®, ADVISA has built a reputation for helping organizations grow leadership capacity and make intelligent hiring decisions. For over 30 years, their expert consultants have provided guidance and training in talent acquisition, leadership development and transitions, change management, and growth strategy.


When ADVISA came to Willow, they were experiencing change and preparing for growth of their own. Predictive Index® Worldwide had recently been purchased by another firm, and their brand was in flux. ADVISA’s own brand, which was so closely linked to its PI expertise, needed to evolve—not only to promote the wealth of service offerings outside of PI, but to depict the bold, vibrant experiences their clients have had.


ADVISA seized this opportunity and invested in researching customer, competitor, and market perceptions to understand the gaps between its current and ideal brand positions. It had been 30 years since ADVISA had been able to measure client insights, and much had changed.

Informed by findings from a robust discovery phase, Willow designed a bold new brand strategy that reflected, both visually and in their messaging, the ADVISA promise of today. The muted legalese and scientific complexity of the old ADVISA are gone, replaced with a decisive and energetic brand voice that reflects their core values of change, truth, partnership, and amplification. And speaking of amplified, check out ADVISA’s new look!