Arriving at Willow:

Willow Marketing is located at: 3590 N. Meridian St. Indianapolis, IN, 46208 (Parking is behind our building in a private lot. You can enter through the gates just north of the building off of Meridian street.)
When you get to the ENTRANCE GATE, just enter the code you received in your email correspondence with us, give it a second or two, and wah-la!
Take any open spot.

Exiting Willow:

Simply pull up to the EXIT GATE and it will open automatically.
Come back soon!

Helpful Tips:

If you see a gate but not a keypad you’re likely at our EXIT GATE on 36th St, no worries—just pull around to Meridian St.
If you didn’t receive a code, misplaced yours, or believe your code isn’t working, again, just give us a call at (317)-257-5225 and we’ll get you another super secret code.
If you accidentaly enter in the wrong code—totally okay. Just give the keypad a moment and try again (or see helpful tip number two if problem persists).

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