About this Event

When it comes to website analytics, you may live and breathe traffic reports—or it may all feel like a foreign language. No matter what your experience level, our Better U: Google Analytics Workshop will help you turn data into actionable insights and take your business strategy to the next level.

Join us on April 27th as we explore ways to use Google Analytics to make your organization smarter, more effective, and more efficient. Don’t settle for basic reports with numbers that lead nowhere—understand the how, why, and what behind your data so you can use it to better understand your customers and pain points.

Every business or organization has different goals—Analytics data helps you achieve them faster and more efficiently.


Attendees will learn…

  • How to find and interpret the most actionable data within Google Analytics
  • How to match the right data with your unique business goals, whether you’re focused on brand awareness, conversion, or something entirely different
  • What different metrics can tell you about visitor engagement, content performance, and conversion or lead generation opportunities
  • Ways to extend tracking to give you more insight into your specific goals and objectives
  • How to use Analytics for continuous improvement and monitoring
  • Five things you should do in the next month to make Analytics work harder for you—whether you’re an Analytics newbie or experienced pro


From understanding user flows to funnels to engagement metrics, you’ll leave the Better U: Google Analytics Workshop with information you can use immediately to make a difference in your digital marketing strategy.


About Willow Better U

Willow Better U is a series of free, hour-long courses designed to give you the tools you need to better grow your organization. Topics will vary, but the goal is always the same. Practical advice and useful information you can take back to your team to start moving the needle on what really matters for your business. Get ready to get inspired with new ideas, strategies, and more!

What to Expect

Coffee! Let’s just start with that. We know not everybody is a morning person so we’ll provide a light breakfast and an easy to digest presentation. If you were expecting a fussy lecture, you’ve come to the wrong place, but we hope you’ll stick around. We’ll save some time for group discussion and Q & A, and then send you back out into the world a little wiser. All that in 60 minutes!

Who Should Attend

You should! That’s why we’re doing this. If the Better U topic is already on your radar (or your job description) and you’re looking to cut through the clutter of “best practices” and get right to the “how do I do this better practices”, this is for U. (See how we did that?) You don’t have to be a Willow client, you just have to register so we know that you’re coming. Bring a buddy if you want. We’re a friendly bunch.



Keyon is a former Indianapolis Colts Linebacker, amateur Mandarin Chinese interpreter, a human hard drive of dad jokes, and a PHP and .NET coding machine. Like Einstein and da Vinci before him, Keyon is an autodidact. Which is a fancy way of saying that there’s pretty much nothing he can’t teach himself. Keyon leads the Digital Services team with an athlete’s discipline and an engineer’s mind.

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Haley is all about words. Big words, small words, keywords, and forewords (as in, to books, which she reads a lot of). A former English teacher with a master’s in literature, she saw the writing on the wall years ago when online content was crowned king. She turned her love of words into a new career as a very well-read digital strategist and online marketer. Now she spends her days curating content, researching keywords, and getting geeky over web analytics and user experience. Her analytical mind and love of language help her pair the perfect words with search intent, ensuring your website attracts exactly the visitors you want to reach.

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