Open isn’t something we turn on or off like a neon sign on the door. It’s who we are and how we behave every day, all the time. It means that we don’t put people in silos or hide behind screens. We keep ourselves open to all the possibilities and embrace bold ideas. We don’t shy away from tough conversations because we know that giving and taking honest feedback doesn’t need to get ugly. We expect our people to fight for what is right and listen for what can be made better. To show up in conversations and meetings with question marks instead of periods. Because that’s what partnership and collaboration requires. At Willow, we’re always open.


Humble isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of our industry, we know. But we believe that you can do good, even great (nay, award winning!) work without ego. Willow is full of talented, gifted, hard-working people, and none of them wears a crown. We all do the dishes and we all contribute to our clients’ success. Being humble helps us remember that whatever is good can always be better, which keeps us on our toes, learning, and trying new things. Some agencies might claim to be the best. Let them brag. We think we’re better. 😉


Helpful doesn’t have a job description or a department. It marches down the Willow halls high-fiving and pitching in wherever it’s needed. Helpful answers the phone before the third ring, pinch-hits for a sick panelist at your spring conference, and patiently explains UX to your Board of Directors. Helpful is at the center of everything we do, and we like it that way. Need help with your brand? We got that. Need a new website? We can help. Cat got your tongue? This content might help! See how that works? Feels good, doesn’t it?

How Willow found its way

Willow started, like most great ideas do, with what if.

All those WHAT IF’S became one big LET’S GO.

25 years later, Willow Marketing is celebrated as much for our personal service as we are for our professional services. Which is exactly what we set out to do.

Our clients turn to us for all the things you would expect from a full-service marketing agency—branding, strategy, graphic design, and web development. (See our services page for the full list.) But what they’ve come to learn is that they can also depend on us for the less common services like listening, asking tough questions, giving free advice, and attending to the details not found in the media buy—like branded fingernails and tradeshow selfies. We care enough about your goals to make them our goals and we have fun doing it. We know, it’s a little unusual, but you’ll get used to it. It’s the Willow Way.

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