Web Wizards

By Katie Yackey

When you have a dedicated team, things get done. Sometimes, it takes a little magic (or, as we call it, hard work). But within seven days, Willow’s own web wizards cast their spells to launch four brand new websites.


From the design to the functionality of the site, each has been specially developed to meet the client’s specific vision and needs. With fun features such as a branded loading icon and a continually updated news feed, our team created sites that would not only be a useful tool for our clients, but also act as a hub for online communication with their audiences.


Abracadabra, alacazam!


Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation

Each year, the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation thanks donors in a variety of ways. Originally they would update, print, and mail a recognition list of all those who contributed to support the women of AGD—a noble cause! As the list continued to reach into the thousands, AGD needed to find another way to recognize their donors where they were (on the Internet) and without the heavy expense to print and mail the lists. This online platform provides an elevated, interactive experience for AGD’s audiences as well as allowing AGD to track analytics.




Now, on the new website, AGD has an entire page dedicated to thanking their donors, which can be updated every year as the list continues to grow. This great tool showcases the impact of the donors in an online platform: not only can each donor be recognized, but the website presents five or six impact stories that tell the story about how their dollars are being put to use to change lives of their Alpha Gamma Delta sisters. An emotional connection is made between the donor’s contributions and the success stories.






After successfully launching an entirely new brand this year, ADVISA’s website needed to evolve to reflect the company’s identity. Launching the new brand into the public eye began with a website.




One unique feature the ADVISA site offers is a custom-made loading icon. Featuring the new ADVISA logomark, the icon reinforces the company’s new brand while integrating a fun, technical display. With bold colors and smooth navigation born from a sound digital strategy, ADVISA’s clients, prospects, and potential team members can discover a wealth of assessments (Predictive Index and beyond), sign up for events and trainings, and gain access to exclusive content.




Coalition for Collegiate Women’s Leadership

Simply known as Coalition, or CCWL, the organization underwent a major name change and rebranding process. The website marks the formal launch of the new brand. As the organization aims to capture their audience’s attention, the website is chalked full of creative stories that depict strong women in leadership roles.




With a focus on storytelling, collegiate women, sponsors, and volunteers are able to engage with the material and spread the word about the power of women and female leadership. Additionally, these leaders can learn about the Annual Conference and the impact the event has on the lives of these young women. Finally, as the organization continues to expand across the nation, the website will be adaptable and flexible to meet its growing needs.




The Bowen Center

The Bowen Center’s new upgrades allow for greater audience outreach. The center—in partnership with WISH-TV and Ball State University—hosts the Hoosier Survey, which addresses hot topics in the state of Indiana; everything from the governor’s race in Indiana, to local road conditions, to the oval office, the Hoosier Survey takes the temperature of  how Indiana residents are feeling and displays the results.





The new site will be seeing heavy traffic as the survey results are posted in mid-October. Those who are interested in knowing the results will be able to access them quickly and easily. Also, this site will be instrumental in directing media, both traditional and social—all of which will be executed by Willow.




With a little bit of magic and some elbow grease, good things came together for our awesome team these last few days!


At Willow, we know it takes more than a wave of a wand to create, design, and develop a new aesthetically functional website. If you need a little web magic of your own, give us a call.

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