10 Ways You Know You Work at Willow Marketing

By Caroline Patterson


I had a mix of emotions running through me as I walked up to the doors of Willow Marketing on my first day. I was excited to start this new chapter of my life, but New Willow employee care packagealso nervous for the challenges and various tasks that I would be undertaking for the summer. I was quickly reassured however, that my experience would be a good one as I was welcomed to this group with a variety of items sitting at my desk. From a coffee cup to a red notebook that now only has one blank page left, I had everything I needed to make the experience a good one. Much like any organization, I quickly realized that there are a number of ins and outs to working here a person on the outside may not be able to recognize.


So with that, here are the:

 10 Ways You Know You Work at Willow Marketing


  1. You love coffee more than life. The people here still have the pot brewing even after I leave for the day at 5 PM.
  2. You are the Lincoln Square Pancake House’s biggest fan. You can find any Willow Shrub there at least once a week.
  3. Your red notebook is carried with you everywhere.
  4. Your clients always come first – no matter what.
  5. Google Calendar is your best friend. Calendar stalking. It’s a thing.
  6. 9:03 AM is the most important part of your day.
  7. So is 3:30 PM on Beer Friday’s.
  8. You can always find a dog running around the office.
  9. You work hard and play harder. There’s even a group of people here that call themselves “The Fun Committee” and plan all of our social outings.
  10. Team work makes the dream work. This is our motto for 2016 and one we live by daily.

Now, I may have only listed ten things, but this list could go on forever. I have loved learning the little quirks working at Willow Marketing has taught me and I am sad to see my internship come to an end. I am so grateful for the opportunity and everything I have experienced this summer. The group of people that work here have never hesitated to offer a guiding hand throughout my time.

As I walk out of the Willow doors for the last time, I think back to that very first day here. Those feelings of excitement and curiosity are feelings I still feel even after 14 weeks here. With that, I hand the torch off to the next Willow Shrubette to write their own chapter and add to the many quirks that come with working at Willow Marketing.

Thank you Willow.


Caroline Patterson
Digital Intern

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