Have you ever worked on a project and thought to yourself, “This just feels right”? I recently had this experience when working on a project for one of our clients at Willow. It was a rare moment when all the stars aligned. By stars, I mean my personal passions, Willow’s service offerings, and the client’s needs and desires.

Zeta projectOur friends at Zeta Tau Alpha, a women’s Fraternity, came to us needing design support to finish designing their new member experience materials. They already had an overall look established including a color palette, fonts, and watercolor theme. One of the pieces that they needed our help with was the New Member Experience Workbook. Zeta hoped to help new members navigate the craziness with an out-of-the-box way to increase engagement, bolster feelings of sisterhood, and enjoy the Zeta experience.

The Willow team put our heads together and came up with a gorgeous new member workbook for Zeta that provided organizational information like their creed, rituals, and policies. This multi-purpose tool also functioned as a planner and a notebook along with a coordinating sticker sheet to mark special days and occasions.

I have a passion for illustration and drawing which is a new service offering for Willow. Designing this book allowed me to utilize my illustration skills in a very fun way by developing custom illustrated quotes that appear at the beginning of each lesson. The rest of the design also fit my own personal design style, which made working on this project feel almost effortless. One of those moments that just felt right.

I would consider the workbook a triple win. In the end, it resulted in a win for me because I was able to express my own personal design style. It was a win for Willow because there is now a new type of work we can offer to future clients. But most importantly, it was a win for the client because we were able to successfully meet their needs.

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Written by Cara Tudor

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