Raise your cactus shaped glass and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with me!

I love to celebrate.


  • I celebrate my birthday the whole month.Celebrate Cinco De Mayo with a Margarita
  • I celebrate the summer solstice with yoga.
  • I celebrate the date I rescued my dog with a doggie cake.

I love to celebrate. I think we should celebrate a job well done too!

Earlier this week I was meeting with a client that was just coming off a great event.  Their attendance was up.  Their sponsorship was up.  And their branding was … well, on fleek if I do say so myself. They were receiving glowing reviews from the attendees.  Reason to celebrate, yes?  Let me play back the conversation the three of us had.

Me: What great feedback you’ve received!  I’m so glad the event went well.
Client 1: Yes, it was great.  Everything went smoothly.
Client 2: It was a success!
Me: Ok, let’s get ready for the next event.

WHAAAATTTTT! Why did I say that?

Slow down. Stop and smell the roses.  Do a touchdown dance.  Raise a glass.  CELEBRATE THE VICTORIES!

Sara the neighbor dog

I love to do a debrief after a project or event.  A few days after the project goes live, gone to print, or the event is over and everyone has a chance to collect their thoughts and let their adrenaline go down, let’s talk about it!  Share the good, the bad and the ugly.  And celebrate that good stuff.   

So to tie this up, raise your ice tea, gin and tonic or wine and celebrate.  Celebrate the sun coming up.  Celebrate having 5 less unread emails than yesterday.  Celebrate a meeting going exactly as planned.

Here’s to you, my friends.  

P.S. Shortly after writing this, I was on a dog walk with a neighbor and cheered for 6-year-old Elizabeth when she went potty.

WARNING: this new found celebratory attitude can cause people to stare. 

Celebrate with Elizabeth

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Written by Maggie Hendrickson

“I genuinely see the good in people.”