I’m a college student, which means any time I see a dog, it’s a big deal. Us college students love dogs. Petting a dog and maybe a lick or two puts us in a good mood for days… probably something about missing our own dogs? I don’t know, I just know dogs are the bees knees. Plus, I’m a Butler student (Go Dawgs), which means I really love dogs. Trip, our mascot, is basically a celebrity, not only on campus but nationwide.


So, when I found out that it’s a common occurrence for the people at Willow to bring their dogs in, I was pretty stoked. As an intern, I have a lot of responsibilities… one of which, I like to think, is keeping the pups happy when they get to spend a day at the office.

So, I’ve spent some time with these pups, and they’re all pretty great. It’d be selfish of me, though, to hog the Willow dogs without sharing the love with all of you.


(In no particular order) here are the Willow Office Dogs:


Elizabeth is Willow royalty. She walks around the office regally and is even named after Queen Elizabeth herself. (See pictures above for proof) Elizabeth is a calm little thing and keeps Maggie (her owner) on schedule.



Yes, the second Willow pup is also named Elizabeth. This Elizabeth is the newest addition to the Willow pups. Less than three months old, she can be seen exploring the office, tucked into Andy’s baby sling or on social media… because yes, this Corgi has an Instagram and probably more followers than you.



No, this dog’s name is not Elizabeth. Yogi is named after Indiana University basketball player, Yogi Ferrell. Whenever Molly brings Yogi in the office, he’s always dressed appropriately in a necktie or sweater. Most of the time, he can be found in Molly’s office or hanging with my co-intern, Olivia and me on the couch.



Look at that face! Is that not the sweetest face you’ve ever seen? This lovable golden is a sweetheart. When she comes into the office, she’s happy to just hang and let people love on her.



I’ll be honest, I have a really hard time remembering which pup is which. But I do know they are so sweet and one of them really loves tennis balls. Zoe and Zak enjoy weekends at the lake and hangin’ with their dad at Willow.

As my internship comes to a close here at Willow, there are a lot of things I will miss around the office – The great people, the comfy couches and most definitely the dogs. Next time you visit the office, maybe you’ll be lucky enough to meet one of these pups!


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