She was young. Only a couple of years out of school, but smart and driven. As President of the American Marketing Association, I needed someone on the board to serve as VP of Collegiate Affairs. Someone who would really kick-start efforts. And she did just that. Within a year, she helped to revitalize or initiate several collegiate chapters for us resulting in the largest college membership ever for the organization.


When I learned she left her job, I knew we had to hire her at Willow. She was driven. A hard worker. A great thinker. I wasn’t really sure what her role would be. But I learned long ago when you find good people, grab them. So we extended her an offer. And she accepted.


She’s grown up at Willow. She learned fast and quickly became a vital part of the team. She continues to pitch in wherever she can and doesn’t back down from any task. Today, she’s a leader. Guiding the future of Willow. Respected by clients and peers. We’ve been through a lot together and I’m blessed to have her on the team. Even more so to have her as a friend.


Today, Kim Jones celebrates her 10 year anniversary with Willow Marketing. We congratulate and thank her for all her hard work, loyalty and dedication.


Thank you, Kim.
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Written by Brad Gillum

"We’re business consultants who happen to specialize in marketing. We help people and have fun doing it."