When thinking about the operations of an agency, I can’t help but think about how it (eerily) mirrors my morning ritual/routine to get my two little ones out the door.


Both require a thoughtful plan of attack, a defined process, teamwork, ample patience and the ability to deviate from the pre-defined plan of attack when variables (and there will be variables) are thrown into the mix.


Operational efficiency (much like parenting) is a healthy mix of structure and happy accident. My team and I work hard to put thoughtful processes and procedures in place to get work completed, on time and on budget—BUT we have to be flexible and ready to respond to the unforeseen obstacles on the horizon.


Here’s how we do it…


1. A morning quickie

All staff morning “quickie” meeting at 9:03 to huddle up, look each other in the face, and agree on plans/priorities for the day.


2. Using our tools

We are committed to using our online project management system to move projects throughout the agency.


3.  Communication

Open and transparent dialog with team members and clients to foster trust and the best end product.



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Sue Richardson headshot

Written by Sue Richardson

“What’s important to me is showing up for our team and our clients, whatever that looks like on any given day.”