While free diet coke may attract prospective employees, it’s not what keeps them around. Employees were asked what they love about Willow, the reasons varied. Even though multiple employees raved about the free diet coke and beer Fridays (What’s not to love about beer Fridays?) there was one keeping theme that was found throughout, FAMILY.

Willow Marketing is not just a place where the employees work hard and play harder, but a place where everyone can grow and take advantage of new opportunities as a team. It’s a place where diverse personalities find community in the Willow culture. Every day, employees receive an immense amount of support from their team members and leaders. CEO Brad Gillum said, “I’m proud to have people with mad skills, big brains, and even bigger hearts, all with a calling to help.”

While everyone at Willow Marketing has the motivation and the passion to help their clients Shine Brighter, they also have the desire to make their co-workers Shine Brighter. The ability to work as a team, while taking ownership and being proud of what you have accomplished is what makes Willow a great place to work. For the clients, it’s about feeling comfortable and trusting someone with their business’ livelihood. For the employees, it’s about creating relationships with clients and welcoming them into the Willow family that they all love so much.


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