Willow helps national associations, businesses, healthcare, nonprofits and member-based organizations align their brand and value proposition to make them shine brighter.

If you’re looking to flip the story on the way your organization communicates value to your stakeholders and the public, this series of quick questions can help you shine a spotlight on where to start. Take this quick survey and see where there are gaps among your team.

  1. Can you summarize what your brand stands for and articulate it simply and clearly, in two sentences or less?
  2. Can your staff summarize what your brand stands for and articulate it simply and clearly, in two sentences or less?
  3. Have you aligned your organizational structure, operations, and culture with your brand values?
  4. Does everyone in your organization know what they need to do to deliver on the brand promise?
  5. Does your staff and/or volunteer training program include education on your brand?
  6. Do your employee reviews include an assessment of the contribution each individual makes to growing and enhancing the brand?
  7. Is branding championed throughout your organization, from the highest ranking administrator?
  8. Do you provide regular internal communications with information about your brand?
  9. Do you view your brand as applying to far more than just visual identity and marketing communications?
  10. Have you actively defined similar entities in your community as a strategic partner(s) and educated them on your branding strategies and intentional communication efforts?
  11. If your brand did not exist, would the vast majority of clients/members/donors/supporters miss having you in their lives?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, there are opportunities to enhance your brand.

Want to learn more about how to address these items? Curious how your colleagues would answer these questions? Schedule a call with our brand development team to learn more about what you can do to move your organization forward.

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